Go ahead Hillary, prove us wrong and release speeches


A few weeks ago American Crossroads purchased some real estate in Hillary Clinton’s head by launching a digital ad in Iowa entitled “Hillary’s Bull Market.” To our immense pleasure, she’s been talking about it ever since, including once again at last night’s debate.

Hillary is mentioning the ad because she is desperately trying to make the case that our focus on her is because she’ll be tougher on Wall Street. No one’s buying it.

If Hillary really wants to prove that she is not just a Ward of Wall Street, she’ll release transcripts of her paid speeches. After all, if she can’t be influenced by money, certainly her three $225K speeches to Goldman Sachs will sound just like the anti-Wall Street speeches that she has been giving on the campaign trail.


“The reason why Hillary Clinton won’t release transcripts of her paid speeches is simple – she knows they will show what a sellout she is. When she is paid $225K to speak at Goldman Sachs she is ‘pro-Wall Street’ Hillary; when she is on the campaign trail trying to get left of a socialist, she is ‘anti-Wall Street’ Hillary. And that is why no one trusts Hillary Clinton.” – American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior