At her Chicago speech, Hillary rolls out a new fib about her past


Is there anything that Hillary Clinton won’t lie about in an effort to get votes? Remember her pointless lie about trying to join the Marines? Well, she’s at it again.

Today, speaking at an event in Chicago, Hillary told a nice little story about how her dad was a Republican and the two would get in arguments at the dinner table when she was in high school.

Of course, the problem here is that when Hillary was in High School she was a Republican. At 13 years old, she enthusiastically canvassed for Richard Nixon in the 1960 race against JFK. In 1964, a 17 year oldHillary volunteered for Barry Goldwater. Once in college, she became President of the Young Republicans and even attended the 1968 Republican Convention.

So either Hillary was telling yet another lie, or she had some serious dinner table arguments about who was more conservative.

“Clearly there is no aspect of her life that Hillary Clinton won’t twist for her own political advantage. The fact that she is now resorting to lame, pointless fibs about her childhood should make voters wonder if Hillary Clinton even has the capacity to tell the truth.” – American Crossroads Spokesman Ian Prior