Throwback Thursday: Jason Kander Was Okay With Suspected GITMO Terrorists Coming to Missouri


Jason Kander (or the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee operative running his campaign from a Washington D.C. basement) sure does seem to enjoy maliciously using last week’s terrorist attack to falsely attack Senator Blunt.

But what’s good for the goose is good for the . . .  Kander. So maybe someone should ask Kander why, as a member of the Missouri legislature, he voted against a resolution urging Congress to reject transporting detainees from GITMO to Missouri. Especially, in light of today’s news that a former GITMO prisoner just showed up in the latest video released this week by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

And what is Kander’s plan for defeating ISIS? Does he think Obama is doing enough? Did he like Obama’s Sunday night lecture to the nation? Does he agree with Hillary Clinton that the fight against ISIS is not America’s fight? Is he, like Hillary, unwilling to say that we are at war with ISIS?

“Jason Kander’s campaign is equal parts negative, immature, and shallow. Kander needs to ease up on the juvenile tactics and begin providing substantive answers to important questions – he can start by explaining to voters why he wouldn’t stand up and voice opposition to GITMO terrorists coming to Missouri.” American Crossroads Communications Director, Ian Prior