Ted Strickland says he’s too busy “fundraising” to talk about national security


Last week, America suffered its most deadly terror attack since 9/11. Since then, Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland has said NOTHING publicly about that attack or the larger question of national security.

Not on Facebook, not on Twitter, not on his website.

And when Strickland was contacted by a reporter to discuss whether he agreed with the liberal reflex of more gun control to stop terror attacks, Strickland’s representative said he was too busy “fundraising.”

Sounds like the tag line for a political ad – Ted Strickland, too busy fundraising to talk about national security.

“Ted Strickland has been embarrassingly silent on the terrorist attack that struck our nation last week. It’s well past time that Strickland realizes that running for Senate requires real leadership, not merely fundraising in Washington D.C. and posting Throwback Thursday pictures on Facebook.”