Al Franken gets $10,400 from Patrick Murphy’s parents – then endorses Patrick


Remember when we suggested that Patrick Murphy was buying endorsements with Mom and Dad’s money? Check it out here.

Well, that trend continues with a big endorsement from the “progressive” camp: Al Franken. Patrick’s dad Thomas and his mom Leslie each gave Franken the maximum of $5200 in 2014.

So why would the Murphys (both business-oriented Republicans) give a far left-wing Senator from Minnesota $10,400? Two options: (1) they are big fans of Stuart Smalley, or (2) they were strategically giving money to politicians they knew would be needed when their son ran for the Senate.

We’re gonna go with option 2.

Patrick Murphy is having a rough day – first the Progressive Democrats of Florida accuse him of being on the take, now it looks like his endorsement by Al Franken was purchased with his parents’ campaign cash. It’s enough to make one wonder what else people will find if they start looking a little closer at Murphy’s sudden rise from obscurity to U.S. Senate candidate.