RolloNBC may not have covered itself in glory with last week’s GOP debate debacle, but at least America can count on NBC News to give Hillary Clinton equally tough treatment, as evidenced by this hard hitting piece on the eating habits of her campaign staff.

Leaving no stone unturned, NBC News revealed that Hillary Clinton’s staffers spent 66.2% of its food spending on pizza, compared to only 21.1% on subs and 11.2% on donuts. Frankly, we haven’t seen an investigation this thorough since Rollo the Janitor discovered that Billy Madison likes soda.

Yet, as Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post notes, it hasn’t been all puff pieces and pizza parties for Hillary despite the media coverage. Rather, recent polls show that the “Clinton comeback story” is largely a media creation and that she still is seen as untrustworthy and unlikeable by independents.

But let’s all keep our eyes on the important things – like pizza.

While the mainstream media pushes the fictional ‘Hillary comeback’ narrative with puff pieces and pizza profiles, the truth is that the more Americans see and hear Hillary Clinton, the more likely they are to not trust her, not like her, and want somebody else.