Hillary starts with Two Pinocchios for her Marines claim


Yesterday, following a CNN report that Hillary Clinton once again claimed to have tried to join the Marines in 1975, we asked if the media would investigate that claim as vigorously as it did Ben Carson’s claim about being offered a scholarship at West Point.

Unfortunately, only the Washington Post’s Fact Checker followed up on the claim, and in doing so gave Hillary two Pinocchios – for the time being. Some highlights from the Post:

“A [Clinton] campaign spokesman declined to comment.”

“There are enough holes here that Clinton has an obligation to address the circumstances under which she approached the Marines, now that she had once again raised it in a campaign context.”

“So far, we do not have enough documentary proof to say the incident never happened, such as supposedly landing under sniper fire in Bosnia or getting the date wrong for hearing a speech by Martin Luther King Jr. * * * But the circumstances are in question. She pitches it as a matter of public service, but her friends suggest it was something different. So at this point Clinton’s story is worthy of Two Pinocchios, subject to change if more information becomes available.”

It is time for the media to investigate this strange claim from Clinton and demand answers as it did with Carson. And while we’re looking into questionable claims by Clinton, maybe someone should look into her dubious claim that when she wrote a letter to NASA asking how to become an astronaut, she received a letter back saying that NASA was “not interested in women astronauts.”