Hillary jokes with supporter who wants to “strangle” Carly Fiorina

At today’s Hillary Clinton campaign event in New Hampshire, a supporter told Hillary that every time he sees Fiorina on TV, he wants to reach in and “strangle” her.

As a self-styled advocate for protecting women, no doubt Hillary told the man that his comment was out of bounds and inappropriate, right?

Nope. Click here for the relevant exchange or click on the picture for the full video.

Seems like it wasn’t too long ago that the media went after Donald Trump for similarly not standing up to a supporter. Will Hillary get the same treatment? We’re not holding our breath.

This exchange says all you need to know about Hillary Clinton. She loves to play the ‘war on women’ card when it helps her get votes. But when she stands to lose a single voter by condemning his comment about ‘strangling’ a women, Hillary is more than happy to go right along with his tasteless and inappropriate joke.