Did a bad poll cause Hillary’s 180 degree turn on VA scandal?

Sometimes we have to wonder if Hillary Clinton was not actually born in Illinois, but built in the basement of a polling firm in Alexandria, VA.

The latest evidence of that theory comes a little over two weeks after Hillary said that Republicans were overstating the Department of Veterans Affairs crisis in order to privatize the VA. Today, Hillary did a complete 180 and announced a plan to use private health care providers – which is amazingly the exact same plan proposed by Republican John McCain.

So what happened here? Here’s our theory: Team Hillary poll tested her statement that the “VA problem was overblown.” We’ll go ahead and make an educated guess that approximately 60% of people surveyed said they were less likely to vote for her as a result. We’ll also go out on a limb and speculate that the poll showed that Sen. McCain’s plan to use private health care was viewed favorably. Therefore, Hillary adopted it as her own.

And that is how, in the span of just over two weeks, Hillary Clinton went from the “VA crisis is overblown by Republicans so they can privatize it” to “the VA crisis is terrible and we should execute the exact plan that I demonized last week.”