American Crossroads calls on Hillary to cancel #Deflategate fundraiser

Hillary Rodham Clinton will spend the next twelve months in the Granite State, faking a New Hampshire accent and telling voters that she is one of them. Today, however, she will be collecting #Deflategate cash at the Manhattan law firm that collected millions to get laughed out of Federal Court for the NFL’s bogus witch hunt of Tom Brady.

Here is our challenge to Hillary Clinton – cancel the #Deflategate fundraiser and prove to New Hampshire voters that she won’t stand for wasting taxpayer dollars on ill-conceived witch hunts.

“It says a lot that the perpetually tone deaf Hillary Clinton would raise tainted Deflategate money from the lawyers that collected millions in a frivolous witch hunt of New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. Granite Staters would do well to remember this when she is hosting rallies in January shouting ‘Go Patriots’ in her fake New Hampshire accent.” American Crossroads Communications Director Ian Prior