5 Questions for Hillary Rodham Clinton to address in today’s national security speech


As Hillary Rodham Clinton prepares to give her national security speech today, here are a few questions that she should have to answer:

(1) Hillary Clinton has criticized Republicans for wanting to halt the influx of Syrian refugees. Does that harsh criticism also apply to Democrats who have taken a similar position such as New Hampshire Governor and Senate candidate Maggie Hassan, Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland, and Nevada Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto?

(2) Leaders take responsibility for their mistakes. Given that Hillary was a lead proponent of the strategy to effect regime change in Libya, will she admit any mistakes in a strategy that has led to chaos, lawlessness, and ISIS gaining a strong foothold in the country?

(3) Hillary justifies intervention in Libya based on the fact that Gadaffi was a tyrant that had American blood on his hands. However, Hillary warmly welcomed that tyrant’s son to the State Department in 2009 and only took a stance against the Gadaffi regime when it was politically expedient to do so. Was Hillary’s formerly pro-Gadaffi stance influenced by (A) the fact that major Clinton Foundation donors had significant business interests in Libya, and/or (B) that her first international energy envoy, David Goldwyn, had formerly served as executive director of the U.S.-Libya Business Association and had lobbied for new U.S. business deals with Gadaffi’s government?

(4) Hillary Clinton was the chief architect of the Obama Administration’s “pivot” to Asia, which would counter China’s growing hegemony in the region. In fact, Clinton called it “among the most important diplomatic efforts of our time.” That effort has been a failure and the repercussions of that failure are a threat to the stability of the region. Looking back on the failure of the “pivot” to Asia, what would Hillary now do differently?

(5) In 2013, Hillary wrote a memo to President Obama proposing to close GITMO and transfer terrorists. In that memo, she outlined a strategy for Obama to get around a requirement that the Secretary of Defense certify that transferred detainees would not engage in acts of terrorism. What was Hillary’s logic in advising Obama to end-around a certification that a GITMO detainee would not engage in acts of terrorism?