Strickland’s “enemies list” will haunt him in 2016


Ted Strickland’s time lobbying for a liberal think tank in Washington clearly has transformed him into a partisan liberal with a mean streak. That is evident by his recent comment that Senator Rob Portman is his “enemy” merely because he doesn’t share his political “values.”

Strickland has already seen this comment lead to press coverage that makes him look petty and divisive in comparison to Senator Portman. But Strickland’s statement that anyone who doesn’t agree with his liberal “values” is an enemy is more than an attack on Senator Portman – it’s an attack on Republican, Independent, and even Democratic voters who don’t agree with Strickland’s liberal “values.”

After Ted Strickland took his ‘dream job’ lobbying for a liberal Washington think tank, he came back to Ohio transformed into a partisan liberal with a mean streak and an enemies list. The last thing Ohio needs is a Senator adding to the partisan gridlock in Washington and attacking people as enemies because they don’t share his liberal values.