OUCH: Patrick “Silver Spoon” Murphy barred from Hillary Clinton event

PtrickLast week we predicted that Hillary Clinton’s visit to Patrick Murphy’s neighborhood may result in her endorsing Murphy. After all, Clinton has endorsed the DSCC-approved candidates in the Ohio and Illinois Senate primaries AND Murphy’s parents have donated big money to Hillary’s campaigns, a strategy that has helped young Murphy’s fortunes in the past.

But according to progressive blogger Howie Klein and Nancy Smith of the Sunshine State News, Hillary not only didn’t endorse Murphy, but she didn’t acknowledge his presence at a Broward rally and even barred him from entering her fundraiser.

What does it say that Hillary Clinton not only failed to endorse Patrick Murphy, but wouldn’t let him into her fundraiser or acknowledge him at her campaign rally? It says that Hillary wants no part of the guy who is going to finish second to Alan Grayson in the Democratic Senate Primary.