Catherine Cortez Masto just went full Martha Coakley


Did you happen to see Catherine Cortez Masto’s fundraising email from yesterday? In it she outlined (in a fancy graphic pictured below) the reasons why she’s running for Senate. One of those reasons is “protecting Harry Reid’s seat.”

So, according to Cortez Masto, “protecting Harry Reid’s seat” is more important than jobs for Nevadans, national security, or education. We checked a recent Gallup poll and shockingly did not find “protecting Harry Reid’s seat” anywhere on the list of issues that are important to people.

All of this reminds of us of another Senate election in which an underwhelming Attorney General suffered a humiliating defeat in her run to “protect” a longtime Senator’s seat. We’re talking of course about Martha Coakley (coincidentally a Cortez Masto donor) and her embarrassing defeat against Scott Brown in the 2010 Massachusetts Senate special election. Brown was able to turn the “protecting Ted Kennedy’s seat” attitude from Coakley and Democrats into serious political points for himself with this great exchange.

It says all you need to know about Catherine Cortez Masto’s priorities that she lists ‘protecting Harry Reid’s seat’ as more important than jobs, national security, or education. Someone should tell Cortez Masto that a U.S. Senate seat belongs to no person or party, not even her puppet master Harry Reid.”

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