Catherine Cortez Masto Has Concerns About Iran Deal – But She’s Keeping them a Secret

On July 14th Catherine Cortez Masto promised she would “take the coming days to review the proposed [Iran Nuclear] agreement.” Fifty-one days later, Cortez endorsed the deal while expressing “concerns with elements of the deal.”

Yet in an interview yesterday with Jon Ralston, Cortez Masto was unable to name a single concern she had with the deal. Instead she shifted into “generic talking points mode” and used the phrase “move forward” as many times as possible in hopes that Ralston would “move forward” to an easier question.

Check out her frighteningly incoherent and rambling non-answer above.

“Catherine Cortez Masto wouldn’t answer a straightforward question about the Iran nuclear deal without spouting generic talking points, so she either didn’t personally review the deal or she wasn’t allowed to deviate from Harry Reid’s message. Either way, Nevada voters need to ask whether Cortez Masto has the seriousness and independence to make critical national security decisions in the U.S. Senate.”– American Crossroads Communication Director Ian Prior