American Crossroads Launches Clinton E-Mail Ad in Iowa

New Web Ad – “Orange is the New Black” – Fact Checks Hillary’s Email Deceptions

WASHINGTON – As Hillary Clinton tries a new apology strategy to put her email scandal in the rearview mirror, today American Crossroads began a new online campaign in Iowa with a digital ad entitled “Orange is the New Black.” The ad uses footage from Hillary Clinton’s infamous August 18th press conference in Las Vegas.

The new ad is part of a targeted online buy initially focused on Iowa beginning on Monday, September 14. The spot can be viewed here.

“Hillary Clinton is trying to wipe her email server scandal from the news, but this issue is not going away,” said Ian Prior, Communications Director for American Crossroads. “With a monthly release of her emails, an ongoing FBI investigation and congressional hearings, her continued bad press may end up being the least of her problems.”