Hillary Clinton’s campaign “relaunch” – By The Numbers

With Hillary Clinton’s upcoming campaign “launch” this weekend really more of a “reset” (and we know how well resets have gone for her in the past), now is a good opportunity to assess how things have gone so far since her actual campaign launch back in April.

Since becoming an official candidate for president on April 12, here is Hillary by the numbers (infographic below)…

30 – The number of fundraisers (at least) Hillary has attended, bouncing around from places like Beverly Hills and Hollywood to Washington, DC and Greenwich, Connecticut

28 – Days Hillary spent avoiding the press and refusing to answer any questions before reluctantly offering vague responses to the media

57% – The percentage of people who say Hillary is not honest and trustworthy, according to the latest CNN/ORC poll

$1,000 – The minimum amount Hillary’s individual “grassroots friends” have to shell out to have a “conversation” with the candidate

$30 Million – The income raked in by Hillary and her husband over the last 16 months in speaking fees and book royalties, as revealed in her financial disclosure forms filed since becoming an official candidate

ZERO – The number of positions Hillary has staked out on key issues facing the country like the free trade agreement currently in Congress and construction of the Keystone Pipeline

ONE – The number of secret shell corporations operated by her husband and omitted from Hillary’s financial disclosures, filed since she became a candidate for president

$10,000 – The monthly salary the Clinton Foundation reportedly paid a longtime Clinton confidant while he was providing unsolicited intelligence on Libya to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as reported since she became a candidate for president

182 – The number of miles Clinton flew in a private jet between campaign events in Texas, bypassing “everyday Americans” instead of making the short drive herself

FIVE —The number of tax returns Hillary’s family’s foundation has to refile for failing to properly report donations from foreign governments

SIX – The number of foreign governments from which the Clinton Foundation will continue accepting donations, despite the inherent conflict of interest as Hillary runs for President

1% – The income bracket in which Hillary Clinton currently falls, as she simultaneously claims she’s running for president because “It’s fair to say the deck is still stacked in favor of those already at the top



Yikes.  No wonder Hillary wants a campaign reset.  There’s been enough scandal and controversy swirling around her in the past two months to fill an entire presidential campaign.  How long before Martin O’Malley starts leaking his own controversies just to get off the bench and get some playing time in this game?


Either way, we’re happy to welcome Hillary as she jumps into the presidential race.  Again.