American Crossroads Statement on Florida-13 Special Election

WASHINGTON — American Crossroads released the following statement from its president and CEO Steven Law on the results of the FL-13 special election:

“A lot of us rolled up our sleeves after 2012, studied the Obama playbook and invested in targeted voter turnout and more effective messaging.  The Florida CD-13 special was an important test market and there was unprecedented cooperation among outside groups.  We intend to keep refining these lessons as we prepare for the fall elections.”

American Crossroads invested roughly $500,000 in the special election, on TV ads, mail, and GOTV phone calls to targeted voters voiced by Senator Rand Paul. Crossroads coordinated its efforts with a variety of other conservative outside groups.

American Crossroads is a non-profit 527 political organization dedicated to renewing America’s commitment to individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and a strong national defense through informed and effective political action. American Crossroads seeks to educate voters and empower citizens to hold lawmakers and office-seekers accountable for where they stand.

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