American Crossroads Launches TV Ad in Montana on John Walsh Controversy

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today launched a new television ad in Montana on the controversy surrounding newly-appointed Sen. John Walsh’s tenure in the Montana National Guard.

The ad, entitled “Choose,” will air in Missoula, Billings and Helena for one week in a buy totaling $125,000, and can be viewed here:

Walsh was appointed to the U.S. Senate by Montana Gov. Steve Bullock to fill the remainder of Sen. Max Baucus’s term, which ends next January. But according to an August 2010 report from the Inspector General of the U.S. Army, Walsh improperly used his position in the Guard for his own personal gain, leading to questions as to why Bullock selected Walsh to replace the widely respected and powerful former Sen. Baucus.

The Army IG’s report raised serious questions about Walsh’s qualifications for leadership and effectively blocked Walsh’s promotion to General – a rank that all previous heads of the Montana National Guard have achieved since the 1980s.

“Gov. Steve Bullock could have chosen anyone to fill Sen. Baucus’ massive shoes, yet he chose a political crony with a millstone of controversy around his neck,” said American Crossroads president Steven Law. “It creates the appearance that Gov. Bullock is just kicking Walsh upstairs, and telling Montana that Walsh is no longer his problem.”

Walsh’s appointment has puzzled local Montana commentators. The Missoulian sharply criticized the appointment, saying Bullock’s move lacked transparency and a thorough explanation.

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