Which Will Sherrod Brown Choose: Jobs or Obama?

Keystone XL Pipeline Would Create 20,000 Jobs, But Obama is Putting His Re-Election First

Note:  A similar version of the release below went out in the following states:  Claire McCaskill (Missouri); Debbie Stabenow (Michigan); Tammy Baldwin (Wisconsin); Bob Casey (Pennsylvania); Tim Kaine (Virginia); Shelley Berkley (Nevada); and Jon Tester (Montana)

 WASHINGTON – As President Obama crumbles under political pressure and blocks 20,000 jobs from being created with the rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline, Obama-ally Sherrod Brown is faced with a difficult proposition.  Will Brown side with his far-left activist friends and President Obama or will he ask Obama to put working class families first?

“Sherrod Brown has a clear choice:  jobs or President Obama.  If Sherrod Brown was serious about fixing the economy, he would be outraged by President Obama’s politically motivated decision to stop 20,000 jobs from being created just to appease their shared liberal base,” said Nate Hodson, American Crossroads director of state and regional media relations.  “Unfortunately for Ohioans, this is not the first time Sherrod Brown and President Obama have pursued destructive economic policies which have skyrocketed the national debt without creating jobs.”

In 2009, Brown voted to support Obama’s failed stimulus package which wasted $830 billion as the unemployment rate continued to rise (H.R. 1, CQ Vote #64: Adopted 60-38: R 3-38; D 55-0; I 2-0, 2/13/09, Brown Voted Yea).


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