Claire McCaskill Forgets She Stands with Obama 98% of the Time

As she wrapped up her energy tour which she tried to use to desperately revise her liberal record, Claire McCaskill yesterday told a gaggle of Missouri reporters that, “I am not a reliable vote for his (Obama’s) administration.”

Watch her delusions for yourself here:

The truth about Claire?

In 2010, McCaskill voted with President Obama 98% of the time (CQ Voting Studies,, Accessed 1/17/12).  McCaskill’s zealous support of Obama’s agenda explains the “shout-out” Obama gave her at one of his recent Chicago fundraisers that she attended.

As you consider reporting about McCaskill’s recent statements, please consider this quote:

“Despite her election year gimmicks to distance herself from President Obama, Claire McCaskill is one of the most reliable votes for the liberal Obama agenda – voting with him 98 percent of the time.  Whether it was Obamacare or his failed stimulus packages, President Obama knows he can count on Claire McCaskill’s loyal support for his policies which have done little to help Missouri families despite adding record amounts to the national debt.”  — Nate Hodson, American Crossroads spokesman