American Crossroads Welcomes Bob Kerrey to Nebraska with New Statewide Radio Ad

Crossroads spot hits Kerrey on Obamacare, tax hikes, and NYC residency 

WASHINGTON – As carpetbagger Bob Kerrey returns to Nebraska from his New York City home to consider a U.S. Senate campaign, American Crossroads has launched a radio ad to remind voters of Kerrey’s far-left record of supporting Obamacare, voting for the largest tax hike in history, and leading a university the New York Times called a “liberal haven.”

The statewide radio buy, which totals $30,000, started Wednesday night and will continue through Sunday.  You can listen to the spot here: 

“Bob Kerrey thinks if he can survive for a decade in New York City then he can make it anywhere, but Nebraskans are inclined to disagree,” said Nate Hodson, American Crossroads director of state and regional media relations.  “For example, Bob Kerrey’s proud support of Obamacare might win him friends in Greenwich Village but it will destroy him in Nebraska – just as it did Ben Nelson.”

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For more information or to arrange an interview, contact Nate Hodson at [email protected] or (202) 370-6604.