Campaign Finance Crusader: Senator Ben Nelson’s Ads are “Subject to Examination and Challenge as Illegal”

Taxpayer-funded campaign advocate Fred Wertheimer says Nelson-style coordinated ads have “no license from the FEC”

WASHINGTON – Campaign finance crusader Fred Wertheimer, in attacking a Federal Election Commission advisory opinion request by American Crossroads, created a new public enemy #1: Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson.

In responding to the FEC’s 3-3 decision yesterday on Crossroads’ request, Wertheimer said: “if American Crossroads proceeds to run any ad in coordination with a candidate, the Super PAC has no license from the Commission to do so and any such ad will be subject to examination and challenge as illegal.”

Wertheimer’s statement directly implicated Sen. Nelson, as the Crossroads advisory opinion request inquired about a situation identical to one that Senator Nelson and the Democratic Party of Nebraska had already undertaken – only without having asked FEC permission.

Wertheimer and his group have yet to challenge Ben Nelson’s ad, even after saying it would be subject to “challenge as illegal.”

“We call on Fred Wertheimer to immediately challenge Ben Nelson’s fully coordinated ads as illegal, just as he yesterday promised to do with other groups,” said American Crossroads communications director Jonathan Collegio. “It’s critical that self-styled ‘reform’ advocates like Wertheimer are held accountable, and that he aggressively ‘challenges as illegal’ the actions of Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson, as he certainly would do with American Crossroads.”

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