American Crossroads Releases New Haley Barbour Video on 2012 Elections: “Let’s Get This Done”

Mississippi Governor and American Crossroads adviser Haley Barbour talks about the importance of the 2012 elections in new video.

 WASHINGTON – With 365 days until the November 2012 elections, American Crossroads and its new presidential project The 1600 Fund today released a new video featuring Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, who gives his thoughts on the importance of the 2012 elections.

The title of the video is the governor’s closing exhortation: “Let’s Get This Done.”

The two minute and thirty second video can be viewed here. The video is also featured on the The 1600 Fund website. Broadcast quality versions of the video are available upon request.

In the video, Governor Barbour, who is teaming up with American Crossroads on its 2012 presidential election efforts, gives his thoughts on what a second Obama term would mean for America – and the importance of electing Republicans to the White House, Senate and House in 2012.

Excerpts from the video:

“[Obama’s] policies aren’t fixing our problems, they’re making them worse. And a second Obama term means making this malaise permanent. … We’re the greatest country on earth, and we can get America right again. To do that we have to win in 2012. … So come on now, let’s get this done.”

Governor Barbour also calls for lowering, simplifying and stabilizing tax rates; cutting spending and putting a moratorium on new regulations; and keeping America’s military strong.

“As one of the most iconic figures of the modern Republican Party, Governor Barbour paints a vivid case of why America needs to change course in the 2012 elections,” said American Crossroads chairman Mike Duncan. “Governor Barbour is uniquely qualified to stem the encroaching tide of pessimism flowing across the country due to the failed policies of President Obama. We are honored to have him as a central figure in our efforts in 2012.”

Governor Barbour joined American Crossroads’ efforts in September, 2011, and serves as a key fund raiser and adviser to the group. The video will be housed on the website of The 1600 Fund – a project of American Crossroads that focuses exclusively on the 2012 presidential election.

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