New American Crossroads Prebuttal Video Details Specific Job Losses Resulting from Obama’s Policies

From aerospace to health care to energy to telecom, new web video details specific Obama policies and proposals that cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs.

WASHINGTON – As President Obama prepares to deliver his highly anticipated jobs speech to a Joint Session of Congress, American Crossroads today launched a web video prebuttal, “Obama Jobs Calendar,” detailing specific job losses resulting from Obama’s policies over the last two and a half years.

The video can be viewed here. Broadcast-quality versions are also available upon request.

The video cites six examples out of many where Obama’s policies, laws and administrative actions have wiped out or threatened American jobs:

Obama’s Medical Device Tax hits American manufacturers and could cost 43,000 high tech manufacturing jobs.

Obama’s Net Neutrality proposal could cost as many as 502,000 telecom jobs.

Obama’s offshore drilling moratorium has cost 19,000 jobs or more.

Obama’s EPA regulations on the coal industry would cost “hundreds of thousands of jobs.”

Obama’s proposed new taxes on corporate jet use hits the American-based civil aerospace industry – which has already shed 20,000 workers since 2008

Obama’s blocking of a major telecom merger – just one week before his jobs speech – will cost 5,000 call-center jobs that would be repatriated to the United States.

“The inescapable fact for President Obama is that his actual policies are making the jobs crisis worse, and the answer is to start walking these job-killing policies back,” said American Crossroads president and CEO Steven Law. “Obama needs to stop using Congress as a crutch, and instead take responsibility for undoing the damage and uncertainty his actions have inflicted on the U.S. job market.”

The policies detailed in the Obama Jobs Calendar video are not exhaustive, but serve as vivid and familiar real world examples of some of Obama’s job-killing policies.

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