American Crossroads Statement on New Obama Tax Hikes

WASHINGTON – American Crossroads today released the following statement on the tax plan being released this morning by President Obama.

Please credit the quote below to Steven Law, president and CEO of American Crossroads, and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Labor:

“Obama’s new tax increase proposal is a class-warfare reelection stunt that would clobber American jobs. In the space of a week, Obama has proposed new taxes on small businesses, manufacturers, health insurance benefits and even charities. With a third of economists now predicting a new recession in the next year, it’s clear that Obama is willing to take another wrecking ball to the American economy to get reelected.”

This morning, Politico described the President’s speech thusly: “Suffering an erosion of support from the broad coalition that elected him, Obama has crafted a plan that reads more like a blueprint for shoring up his restless Democratic base than a vehicle for reaching across the aisle in search of bipartisan compromise.”

American Crossroads last week released a web video, Pay this Bill – focusing on the president’s new efforts to raise taxes.

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