American Crossroads Statement on Nevada and New York Special Election Results

WASHINGTON – Today, American Crossroads released the statement below on the special elections for the U.S. House in New York City and Nevada. Please credit the statement to Steven Law, president and CEO of American Crossroads:

“The clearest implication from the two special elections last night is that President Obama and the economy he owns have become an undeniable drag on Democrats running for Congress. While Obama had a net positive job approval rating when Democrats took the NY-26 special in May, the difference is that he was between 10-30 points upside down in polling in both house districts that voted yesterday.”

“We hope these elections lead to a fresh batch of recruitment among Republicans considering campaigns for the House or Senate. With redistricting gains, and the tenuous districts that Democrats drew for themselves in Illinois, as many as 15-25 opportunities may arise for Republican pickup in the House alone.  The big story of 2012 won’t be Obama running against Congress but congressional Democrats running away from Obama.”

American Crossroads is a non-profit 527 political organization dedicated to renewing America’s commitment to individual liberty, limited government, free enterprise and a strong national defense through informed and effective political action. American Crossroads seeks to educate voters and empower citizens to hold lawmakers and office-seekers accountable for where they stand. Paid for by American Crossroads. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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