New American Crossroads Battleground Survey: Hillary Hobbled by Trust Deficit

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Today at a town hall in Iowa, Hillary Clinton ended months of dodging questions about Keystone to oppose the pipeline’s construction. This comes despite the Obama State Department saying the pipeline would create 42,100 jobs.

Hillary 10

In this post on TMZ yesterday, Hillary Clinton was asked about which woman she thinks should be on the 10-dollar bill. What happened next was pure Hillary.

First, she accused the Republican field of not being able to name a single American woman for the honor. Well, any of the 23 million people who watched last week’s debate would know that’s another Hillary lie.

Then, when pressed on who Hillary thought should be on the 10-dollar bill, she claimed to have a “long list,” but couldn’t name a single woman – not one.

Another day, another Hillary lie, another Hillary backfire – we’ve got binders full of them.

Pandering to Badger state liberals at Fighting BobFest on Saturday, former Senator Russ Feingold went out of his way to tout the University of Wisconsin. [Read more…]

Bill and Hillary Clinton have raked in between $1.6 million to $2.6 million from paid speeches to pharmaceutical trade associations or companies.

This news comes as Hillary Clinton is sharpening her rhetoric attacking drug companies in the midst of her Democratic primary fight. [Read more…]

A new Politico report details the ramp-up in attacks on Vice President Joe Biden from Hillary Clinton’s campaign, surrogates, and even Clinton herself, despite professed respect for Biden’s decision process: [Read more…]


With just three weeks until the first Democratic Primary Debate in Nevada, Harry Reid’s handpicked Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto still isn’t willing to endorse Hillary Clinton. Compare this with numerous other members of Congress and Senate candidates who have endorsed Clinton as early as January.

Is it because Cortez Masto is going to join the socialist revolution of Bernie Sanders? Maybe she thinks that Lincoln Chafee’s plan for the metric system can turn Nevada’s economy around? Or is Cortez Masto simply waiting for Biden?

While we can’t say for sure who she will endorse, there is one thing you can take to the bank – Cortez Masto will follow her “lead from behind” strategy on the Iran deal and won’t make an endorsement until Harry Reid does it first.

Hillary Clinton is in Iowa today, and her campaign is continuing its attempt to divert attention away from her email scandal. As a result, Clinton is shifting her focus to healthcare. [Read more…]

The past week brought more bad news for Illinois senate candidate Tammy Duckworth, who is seeing slipping poll numbers and an increasingly viable primary challenge from former Chicago Urban League president Andrea Zopp. [Read more…]

In a new poll this morning, a majority of New York State voters, the people Hillary Clinton represented for eight years as U.S. Senator, have said they view Clinton unfavorably: [Read more…]

While in Washington, D.C. late last week to attend a fundraiser, Ohio senate candidate Ted Strickland, best known as the former governor who ran the state into the ground, said Ohioans “absolutely” deserve to know his position on the Keystone XL pipeline in response to questions from an America Rising tracker: [Read more…]