Catherine Cortez Masto Has Concerns About Iran Deal – But She’s Keeping them a Secret

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This weekend, the Clinton Foundation will hold its 2015 CGI Annual Meeting. America Rising decided to compile this list of things we’ve learned about the Clinton Foundation since its last CGI meeting: [Read more…]

A new CNN/WMUR Granite State Poll out this morning becomes the 7th survey in a row to show Hillary Clinton with badly damaged prospects in the first-in-the-nation primary state, losing badly to Bernie Sanders – with or without Joe Biden in the race: [Read more…]

In Politico’s Playbook this morning, the Clinton campaign’s new talking point about the private server labeled claims the server was wiped “rumors” that “were never true”: [Read more…]

Adding to the chorus of experts pointing out the security risk of Clinton’s private server today, NSA Director Mike Rogers told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that a foreign official using a private email server “represents opportunity”: [Read more…]

Today, Caterpillar, the largest employer in Illinois’ 17th District, announced it plans to lay off over 10,000 workers. The manufacturing company employs over 3,200 workers in its Peoria headquarters.

In the 2012 election, then-Congressional candidate Cheri Bustos promised to help manufacturing, using nice rhetoric that she would develop the district into “manufacturing triangle.” But Caterpillar CEO Doug Oberhelman criticized Bustos’ trade rhetoric as an “absolute abomination.”

Bustos voted against trade promotion authority earlier this year, while Caterpillar passionately supported the legislation.

Now, it’s clear that Bustos’ manufacturing talk was just empty rhetoric, and her actual votes have only helped contribute to the terrible news about Caterpillar’s layoffs.

The FBI arrested Ng Lap Seng, a longtime Clinton ally and prominent Chinese millionaire, for lying about why he brought more than $4.5 million in cash into the United States over the past two years, according to an ABC News investigation. [Read more…]


Young Patrick Murphy has been more follower than leader in his unremarkable career as a politician, but perhaps now that he is trying to pander to his base there is an issue on which he can take a stand – the Democrats’ growing debate problem.

Specifically, Murphy can join other liberals and activists (and even Nancy Pelosi) and demand that DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz schedule more debates.

And if Murphy agrees with Wasserman Schultz that Democrats should have the fewest primary debates since 1980 and twenty less than they did in 2008, he needs to explain to Florida’s Democratic primary voters exactly why he thinks so.

Either way, it’s time for Murphy to take a stand – otherwise, he might find himself following the lead of Alan Grayson in more than just the polls.

When The Washington Post reported earlier this week that Hillary Clinton wasn’t being honest about why she turned over her emails to the State Department, it set off a new flurry of bad press coverage for the former Secretary of State. [Read more…]

A new poll by Quinnpiac University shows two troubling signs for Hillary Clinton’s campaign: both her unfavorability numbers (55 percent) and the percentage of voters who think Clinton is not honest and trustworthy (63 percent) continue to rise. [Read more…]

Hillary Clinton made a move to appease liberals like billionaire Tom Steyer yesterday, announcing her opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline (and the more than 40,000 jobs it would create) yesterday in Iowa after months of stonewalling. [Read more…]